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The cleaning of rugs is a specialist subject in it's self. It is not to be undertaken by the untrained. We have over thirty years experience in cleaning rugs from hand woven persian/chinese rugs to your everyday rug that lays on your kitchen floor. The highest value rug we have ever cleaned was a hand woven designer branded rug valued at £18,000. If we couldn't get it cleaned the customer was going to throw it out!

Thankfully we did and she didn't.

To talk to us about your rug cleaning requirements, call us on 01304 842 556.

Safe and efficient cleaning of rugs including a 'collection' and 'pick up' service.

  • Collection and drop off service.

  • Rugs cleaned in a safe environment in our unit.

  • All rugs dried using industrial blowers in a de-humidified room.

  • Spot and stain removal service included in price.

  • Urine treatment and neutraliser included in price.

  • Fully trained staff.

  • Trading standards approved.

  • Why use us for your rug cleaning?

“Do not wrap rugs in bags or polythene. They will sweat and mould will develop. This will permanently damage them. Instead simply roll the rug and secure with tape".

CTA Domestic Carpet Cleaning one

Awaits picture.

  • Everyday care for your rug:

  • Vacuum every day.

  • Buy a rug 'rake' and use it every day.

  • Do not scrub at stains, simply blot with an absorbent towel.

  • If possible lift rug at least four times a year and beat the back.

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