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Soil: Fibres are coated with a protective barrier that reduces adhesion of dry soil, allowing easier removal when vacuuming and cleaning, thus reducing wear on fibres.

Stains: Swan's Stainguard contains stain blocker technology which helps release and prevent staining from common food and drink colour additives.

Spills: Penetration of liquids is reduced which makes spills easier to remove before they have time to get deep into the fibres.

Oils: Invisible fluro-polymers repel oily soils such as cooking fats, grease, hair and oils.

Four way protection from Swan's Stainguard

  • Does not affect the colour, feel or texture of even the finest of fabrics.

  • Does not affect existing fire retardant properties.

  • Is totally "allergy-free".

  • Is quick drying causing minimal disruption.

  • Is totally safe for pets and children. 

  • Swan's Stainguard...

“Stain Guard is not a magical product that will result in making your carpets and upholstery invinsible to stains. It is however a very clever way of giving some protection from stains and spills".

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“We have worked in partnership with Fenwick of Canterbury for almost two years and in that time we have stainguarded over one hundred pieces of upholstery. This has proved to be an excellent add on service for both Fenwick and their customers.

We have also been working in partnership with Nasons of Canterbury, another prestigeous furniture retailer, offering the same service.

Thank you both for recommending our services".



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Stains are easier to remove...

...when stain guard is applied.