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Not all stains can be removed from all types of carpets or upholstery. However at Swan's Cleaning Services we have over thirty years experience in spot and stain removal, we have the latest cleaning equipment and over one hundred different 'spotting' solutions available to hand.

So talk to us about your spot and stain problem, we are always happy to give free advice.

Safe and efficient spot and stain removal for domestic and commercial carpets or upholstery.

  • No nonsence honest advice on spot and stain removal.

  • Latest cleaning solutions.

  • Latest cleaning equipment.

  • Urine removal and treatment.

  • Body fluids; removal and treatment.

  • Safe for pets and children.

  • Fully trained and experienced staff.

  • Competitve pricing.

  • All work insured for third party liability up to £5,000,000.

  • Insurance work and 'letters'.

  • What will you get?

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From this...

To this.

"To all our customers and potential customers with RED WINE STAINS. Please do not scrub with properitory cleaning products.

White wine, salt and bi carb of soda do not work!! Call the professionals and get it removed properly and save your carpet that may be worth many hundreds or thousands of pounds".